Underneath is a video about the application of this repair kit.

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  • Repair kit for enamel, ceramic & acryl

    Repair kit for enamel, ceramic & acryl

    For the professional repair of minor damage and chipping in kitchen and bathroom.

    27,83 €

  • 2k filler

    2k filler

    2 component filler for repairing major damage in enamel coatings

    13,79 €

  • Repair-Spray


    With the Cramer Repair-Spray you can quickly and inexpensively rework minor damage in kitchen or bathroom. This spray is especially well-suited for repairing blemishes in bathtubs, wash basins, shower trays or sinks. It can also be used for washing machines, refrigerators or other coatable appliances around the home.

    15,97 €