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This Spectrophotometer can measure reflectance spectrum and other color index precisely.

Will not only help to perform color matching and color management studies, but can also control product quality management accurately.

The instrument is equipped with high-end color management software which can connect PC to achieve more extension functions.

Features & benefits
1. Aesthetic design perfectly combined with ergonomics structure.
2. 45/0 geometrical optics structure, comply with CIE, ISO, ASTM, DIN standard.
3. 3.5 inch large capacitive touch screen.
4. Two standard observer perspectives, multiple light sources modes, a variety of color systems.
5. The repeatability ΔE*ab is within 0.04, the errors between each instrument ΔE* ab is less than 0.2.
6. Large capacity storage, can save more than 10000 data.
7. PC software with powerful extension functions.
8. High hardware configuration with a number of innovative technologies.
9. Oversized integrating sphere, more effective homogenization ray of lights and precise measurement.
10. 15° oblique angle screen, more in line with the human eye observation.


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