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    Equipment for testing various powder enamel properties

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    • Coatmaster Flex measures coating thickness immediately after application. The portable gauge operates contactless and is suitable for wet and cured/dried powders and paints.    Avoid rework and rejects: Detect and correct deviations early in the process. Save material: Reduce your material consumption by up to 30%. This saves money and protects the...

    • Because extremely fine particles have a tendency to agglomerate and therefore often clog up the sieve, the air jet sieve is the device of choice for sieving fine powders.

    • Industrial fluidity meter, suitable for powder enamel and powder paints.It is well known that powder suspension, transport & spraying depends on many factors, like particle size, humidity & powder formulation.This device is specially designed to qualify the suitability of powder paint or powder enamel for spraying at quality control laboratories...

    • Adhesion tester for electrostatic powder enamel - Improved design for better clamping - Supplied complete with evaluation software

    • Powder resistivity is an important parameter at electrostatic powder coating operations. For this reason it is highly recommended to verify the resistivity of powder paint and/or powder enamels regularly. Features & benefits Accurate & repeatable resistivity measurements Easy to operate & clean Suitable for powder paint & powder enamel...

    • This non-loading kV meter measures actual output voltage of liquid and powder coating equipment during operations in an industrial environment with laboratory precision.

    • Hand-held digital thermo/hygrometer for measuring ambient conditions.

    • Electrical operated sieve shaker for wire woven test sieves with a diameter of 200 mm or 8".