Test equipment typically used within the powdercoating industry.

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  • Portable powdercoating system, type Encore LT, typically used for on-site testing and/or production of small batches.   - Ideal for powdercoating manufacturers - Electrostatic powder spraying gun complete with advanced controls, cup gun kit, set of nozzles and all necessary hoses & cables - Packed in rigid case  

  • Industrial fluidity meter, suitable for powder enamel and powder paints.It is well known that powder suspension, transport & spraying depends on many factors, like particle size, humidity & powder formulation.This device is specially designed to qualify the suitability of powder paint or powder enamel for spraying at quality control laboratories...

  • Powder resistivity is an important parameter at electrostatic powder coating operations. For this reason it is highly recommended to verify the resistivity of powder paint and/or powder enamels regularly. Features & benefits Accurate & repeatable resistivity measurements Easy to operate & clean Suitable for powder paint & powder enamel...

  • This non-loading kV meter measures actual output voltage of liquid and powder coating operations in an industrial environment with laboratory precision.

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    Hand-held digital thermo/hygrometer for measuring ambient conditions.

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  • Ideal for measuring air flow and air temperature on the spot.

  • A megohmmeter is used to measure extremely high electrical resistances and is typically used to measure resistance from powder equipment to earth ground. Proper grounding is required to provide the appropriate discharge of electrostatic charge which is essential for overall system safety and efficient operation. All electrostatic systems require testing...

Showing 1 - 8 of 9 items